Test Treatment

There are many frequently asked questions regarding lasers and surface treatments, such as:

  • Is the laser able to clean, de-paint, mark, etc. my parts in general?
  • How is the mode of action of the laser on the material?
  • Is the laser able to clean or de-paint without any residues?
  • Will the laser harm my part?
  • Will the part or better its characteristic be changed, so that I cannot use it anymore?
  • Is this fast enough?
  • And many more.

The simplest and fastest way to answer these questions is:


Therefore, we offer you substantial possibilities for a test treatment. With different lasers and available systems in our test centre and laboratory, we are able to test the mode of action on the surfaces of the parts from your production.

With the first test results, we are able to define a first tendency whether the laser is an appropriate alternate method. After that, we will make optimizations up to test treatment under series conditions.

Even a test treatment with mobile systems at your production plant is possible!

Just send us a sample with a short description about the requested result. Or call us, so that we can arrange a date for a test treatment together with you in our facility or at your side!


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