Areas of application

for SLCR Lasertechnik

Increasing environmental awareness, higher demands on the precision of new operating processes and the constant pressure to reduce manufacturing costs, are the driving factors to replace the existing chemical, thermal or mechanical processes.

The SLCR laser process for surface treatment opens up new possibilities in the areas of:


Cleaning & Degreasing

Cleaning of molds, welding seams and tools for the ongoing process, without chemicals.

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Activation & Pre-Treatment

Even sensitive materials such as fiber composites can be gently treated with lasers.

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Paint stripping & Decoating

For subsequent operations, the coating in the end area of the tubes must be removed without leaving any residue.

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The laser process for marking the sidewalls of tires is also an established industrial production technique.

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The wide range of possible applications for lasers is not yet exhausted. The special features of the system are being discovered by more and more new industries, since the technology is convincing not only because of its efficiency-advantages but also because of its environmental friendliness. The process can be integrated into many production lines and is developed to meet the customer's individual requirements. The automation of the process for cleaning, activation or even decoating of parts of different materials is optimized by our developers in cooperation with the customers. Please ask us about your task.

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