lightCLEANER® mobile

lightCLEANER® mobile 50 and mobile100

The lightCLEANER mobile series with 50W and 100W as a portable system. The systems are air-cooled and do not require any external water cooling. A flexible, robust solution for use in different locations and easy access to the areas that should be treated.

lightCLEANER® mobile 500 and mobile 1000

The lightCLEANER® in higher performance classes are used for the manual treatment of larger areas. All components of the system (laser, optics, cooling and control) are built into a mobile housing on wheels.

SLCR Anlage

Individual working heads for the lightCLEANER® mobile series for higher performance classes


Working head for automated or hand-guided use, equipped with 1-D scanner, processing at a 0 ° angle


The flexibly adjustable head enables you to work from three different angles 0 °, 45 ° and 90 °, with the 1-D scanner.


Individual solution for your task, whether exclusively hand-held or equipped with a balancer for easier lifting of the working head.

Configuration options at a glance of our hand-held lasers:

Performance class

- 50 watt
- 100 watt
- 200 watt
- 300 watt
- 500 watt
- 1000 watt

Beam profile

- top hat
- gaussian


- mobile on wheels
- stationary

Working head

- standardEDITION
- customEDITION

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