SLCR Lasertechnik

We offer laser technology for cleaning, pretreatment, paint stripping and marking.

Over 15 countries worldwide

Delivery of equipment in over 15 countries worldwide

25 years of experience

We look back on 25 successful years in the design and manufacture of laser systems.

10 different industries

Active in more than 10 different industries

Lasers are predominantly known in industry as tools for cutting or welding. What many people do not know: Depending on the configuration, the laser is also suitable for gently cleaning, decoating or pretreating surfaces for subsequent coating or joining processes.

Since the coatings, contaminations, etc. of surfaces of all kinds are removed gently and in a targeted manner, laser surface treatment is an excellent alternative to conventional methods such as sandblasting, dry ice or chemicals.

Coatings or pollutions are vaporized by repetitive laser pulses without damaging adjacent layers or the substrate. Due to the very short laser pulses (only a few nsec), very little heat conduction into the interior of the material occurs during the process.

SLCR Lasertechnik

See how our lasers work

The ablation process can be controlled in terms of area and depth, so that layer-by-layer or selective treatment of materials of any kind is possible, without damaging or changing the base material.

If the laser parameter is changed, it is also possible to structure and roughen various surfaces.

We offer systems and equipment for laser surface treatments with fiber lasers, UKP lasers or CO2 laser sources. In our test center we can also carry out test treatments for your application with a wide variety of beam sources, scanners and optics.

Our applications

The SLCR lasers offer a wide range of solutions

Cleaning & Degreasing

Cleaning of molds, welding seams and tools for the ongoing process, without chemicals.

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Activation & Pre-Treatment

Even sensitive materials such as fiber composites can be gently treated with lasers.

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Paint stripping & Decoating

For subsequent operations, the coating in the end area of the tubes must be removed without leaving any residue.

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The laser process for marking the sidewalls of tires is also an established industrial production technique.

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Special plant engineering & automation

With SLCR lasers you have almost unlimited possibilities to process surfaces.
Our lasers

We offer fiber, UKP, as well as CO2 laser sources and determine in tests, the best-in-class solution for your application.


We adapt the respective automation solutions to your individual requirements.

Process development

The laser process is the actual heart of each of our systems. Only through a professional laser process developed by specialists, you can use all the advantages of laser technology.

Plant engineering

We build our plant technology around your surfaces. Convince yourself of the advantages of SLCR systems.

SLCR Lasertechnik
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Take a look at our overview and find the right solution for you

Services in detail


We have a comprehensive portfolio of services. This includes development (laser processes and engineering), maintenance and service (worldwide), sample treatment and job order production, assembly and commissioning.

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Services in detail


We offer the entire spectrum of laser surface processing with fiber, UKP, and CO2 laser sources. This includes laser cleaning, decoating, structuring and roughening as well as marking and engraving.

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Services in detail


SLCR Lasertechnik is used in a wide variety of sectors and industries. We are constantly opening up new fields of application and providing our customers with enormous potential for saving costs and reducing their environmental impact.

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