Surface cleaning with SLCR Lasers: endless possibilities

With the SLCR-laser process, coatings or contaminations can be removed from almost any surface in a very gentle and efficient way. Coatings, oil, grease or oxide layers are evaporated by repetitive laser pulses, without influencing or damaging adjacent areas or the substrate. Due to the very short laser pulses (only a few nsec or), only a marginal thermal conduction into the material is transferred during the process.

The removal process can be controlled by area and at depth, so that a selective treatment or layer by layer of various materials is possible.

The dry, clean and gentle operating SLCR process can treat small and large surfaces without damage and very cost-efficient. During the process, no auxiliary agents such as chemical fluids or mechanical substances are applied. Thus, no disposal of chemical or media is necessary.

The SLCR laser process is a real alternative to the common methods like chemicals, grinding, sand blasting, etc. and offers several advantages:

  • wear-free, gentle and controllable treatment of various materials
  • quick, clean and dust-free; without affecting  the working environment or the work piece by wet chemical or other additives
  • no preparatory works or reworks necessary
  • exact controllable processing provides superior reproducible quality
  • environmental and user friendly
  • robust, industrial proven technology
  • high process efficiency
  • very low operating costs