Research and Development

Production processes are becoming more and more complex. They have to be quicker, more efficient and also more favourable. These challenges cannot be fulfilled if we do not make an effort to improve existing parts or try out something new.

Research and development tasks are always long term processes which may last several years. Due to the complexity of such tasks, development teams sometimes leave the red line towards the objective or get lost in the variety of subtasks.
That is why our approach is based on a statement made by Albert Einstein:

“You have to make things as simple as possible.
But not simpler.”

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Since the foundation of SLCR, we are working together with national and international partners in independent or network projects. The objectives of our development tasks are:

  • exploit new application potentials;
  • improve flexibility of laser systems;
  • develop new approaches for automated treatments;
  • and spread the use of laser on surfaces.

Main focus of the operations are:

  • Laser technology
  • Automation
  • Process control
  • Plant construction

We are pleased to discuss possibilities about new developments and to recognize where we can support you!