Job Shop

The test has been successful, the results have been impressing. Now the question of implementation is raised.


  • How do I qualify for the serial application?
    Although the test has been really good, a qualification with treatment and examination of the parts has to be done before the serial application. Therefore, we develop a qualification program together and subsequently, SLCR creates the necessary construction for the treatment of the parts.
  • Is it worth buying a laser system? Is it efficient for me?
    Possibly you just have a small amount of parts and the quantities are too low. Or the application is in the start-up for series production (i.e. currently too little parts, but later more) and/or you appreciate a laser treatment for a huge amount of parts for test purposes.

Therefore, we offer you the possibility for a job treatment. If you are interested in a laser treatment of higher quantities of your parts and if you are searching an alternate method for surface treatment instead of chemical, mechanical, etc. processes, we have the solution for you!

Whether small or huge quantities, we will do it as job treatment for you in our facility, for following tasks:

Cleaning / De-greasing

Activating / Surface preparation

De-painting / De-coating