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Based on nearly two decades of experiences in laser surface treatment, we have built up a broad know-how in applications and industrial uses. These include:

  • Cleaning
  • Activating / Preparation
  • De-painting
  • Material processing
  • Marking
  • Automation
  • and others 

The surface treatment with laser still is a very young market. This situation implies the continuous occurrence of new applications which have to be proofed technically and their results have to be qualified and approved frequently. That is why our first steps, the development, construction and production of laser systems for surface treatment, start with an intensive consulting or engineering services

Therefore our range of services covers:

  • Analysis of the current treatment situation
  • Feasibility studies for new laser treatments
  • Processing of test series
  • Creation of working concepts
  • Joint developments or realizations of treatment concepts
  • Training

In a close and continuous contact with our clients, we develop the process parameters and boundary conditions, to give your products the requested characteristics.

Our competent and experienced experts are willing to take your tasks as a new challenge. By means of applications tests, testing series or feasibility studies, it is our purpose, to find a suitable solution for your requirements together with you.

We accompany you from your first idea, over your complete system requirements up to the finished product and even moreover of course.

Your success is our motivation!

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