Electronic Industry

In the electrical and electronic industry, the use of lasers and laser systems for the production of capital goods is becoming increasingly important. Within several areas, SLCR-lasers and –systems provide solutions to improve production processes. 
The demand to treat even smaller components and also reducing production costs, establish a paramount situation for lasers to realize its advantages for our customer. 
The SLCR laser process for surface treatment exploit many different possibilities for a contact-free and fully automated activation, depainting or marking of various electronic components or of tools needed for their production.

SLCR laser applications in the electronic industry

De-painting / De-coating

De-painting / de-coating of sensitive components, e.g. stripping of flat cables (FFC) or decoating of bond pads. Without damaging the component you will achieve a residue-free removal.

Activating / Surface Preparation

Perfect pre-treatment prior to ongoing processes, e.g. bonding or gluing, activating or roughening, even on the smallest and highly sensitive areas, e.g. on bond pads.

For identifying, marking, inscribing etc. of electrical or electronic material, contact-free and long-lasting. Applying of product codes, company logos, bar codes or other information on components.