Automotive Industry

It is difficult to imagine modern production in automotive industry without laser. Increasing environment awareness, rising disposal costs and the need to decrease production costs, are the driving forces to substitute the existing processes (chemical, thermal or mechanical).

The SLCR laser process establishes new possibilities for an automated or manual surface treatment of materials of any kind. For tasks, such as activating, depainting, cleaning, structuring and marking, etc. laser technology can be found in many fields within automotive industry.

Applications in the automotive industry

De-painting / De-coating

De-painting / de-coating of automotive components, such as brake lines and cooling tubes, cables or wheels. Selective or complete and often as preparation for ongoing processes like re-painting, gluing or welding.

Cleaning / De-greasing

Wear-free cleaning of tools or moulds to maintain production quality. Cleaning of complete components or defined areas for welding, or welding seams for painting. Cleaning of bonding surfaces on metallic, composite or rubber materials.

Activating / Surface preparation

Pre-treatment of surfaces as preparation for painting-, welding-, or gluing processes. Activation or roughening of composite materials, metals or plastics for an excellent adhesion of the surface.

Marking or structuring by laser, contact-free for a permanent identification, marking or modification of the surface. Generating of defined roughness values on the surface.