The industries in which we operate

It is difficult to imagine modern production without laser.

Growing environment awareness, increasing requirements in precision of new working processes and the constant pressure to decrease production costs, are the driving forces to substitute the existing processes (chemical, thermal or mechanical).

The SLCR laser process opens up many different possibilities for activation, preparation, de-painting, de-coating, cleaning, de-greasing, marking, material processing, etc. even on highly sensitive material.

The industries in which we operate:

Automotive industry

Excellent improvements with use of SLCR laser systems for acti-
vating and preparation of joining areas like gluing or welding, de-
coating complete or selective, stripping and cleaning.

Electronic industry

Laser surface treatment even on smallest electronic parts, without damaging metallic surfaces or structures.

Aviation industry

Gentle treatment on aircraft components and surfaces of composite materials and metals, de-painting or activating. Precise LMP Laser Material Processing for repair preparations.

Further industrial sections

Whether in glass or food industry, or even in the restoration sector, the SLCR laser systems are used successfully in many different areas.

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