The requirement:

Furnish products made of different materials with permanent visible information up to tiny markings, quick and without chemicals.

The objective:

Labelling, engraving, marking, with high-speed without damaging the material: logos, barcodes, calibration marks, different product labelling such as time, date, batch number; even elaborate figures / graphics can be applied by laser automatically.

The advantages:

  • Contact free markings on stationary and moving product
  • Suitable for almost all materials like glass, plastic, rubber, ceramic, paper, wood
  • Metals coated or anodized; Furs or leather; permanently visible; no drying time
  • High speed; automated process
  • Low operating costs
  • High environmental compatibility, no auxiliaries; consistent product quality of your products

In following branches the SLCR laser process is already used:

Tire sidewall marking in the automotive industry

Even the laser marking process of tire sidewalls is an industrial established manufacturing technology. DOT codes, serial numbers, company logos etc. can be added easily on the tire sidewall. The tire will be inserted automatically, identified, centred, positioned, laser marked and passed out of the laser unit.

Marking of glasses

For two decades, the laser marking belongs to a well established industrial application for a laminary surface treatment. Permanent, smear-resistant markings on glasses such as calibration marks, company logos etc. can be added touchless, even on curved areas. Even a marking “inside the glass” is possible e.g. in champagne glasses as a sparkling point. 

Marking of metals

After manufacturing of industrial machines, they are usually provided with an adhesive type label which includes information about manufacturer, date of manufacturing, type number etc. The disadvantage of these signs is that they become unreadable over the years. With SLCR laser marking you have the possibility to make this type of labels permanently readable! A permanent marking directly on the object is also possible.