Cleaning/ De-greasing

The requirement:

Cleaning of moulds, welding seams and tools in a running process, without chemicals.

The objective:

Preparation for further treatments and processing.

The advantages:

  • Achievement of high adhesive forces by removing disturbing contaminations and modification of the surfaces
  • Automation, good process control and easy integration into production processes
  • Low operating costs
  • High environmental compatibility, no auxiliaries

Cleaning of welding seams

The production of high quality welding seams needs a clean preparation and an optimal protection for a long lasting corrosion resistance. At that point the SLCR process helps in the matter of preparation by cleaning of weldings seams from oil and grease or the removal of oxide layers. After the welding process the laser procedure can be used for the cleaning of those welding seams to guarantee a long lasting corrosion resistance.

Cleaning of baking plates in the food industry

During the baking process, residues remain on the plates which have to be removed to guarantee a continuous production process. Without this cleaning the bakery products will stick in the mould and the whole baking machine has to be stopped. Various moulds can be cleaned with pulsed SLCR lasers, to receive a clean surface without residues and a constant baking quality. Due to the high flexibility of these systems it is possible to perform a cleaning inside and outside the baking line. Thus a continuous cleaning in the hot mould in flow and a cleaning in defined time intervals is possible

Cleaning of moulds in the automotive industry

Within the automobile industry, high demands on optics and product quality of the interior, require high-quality casting tools for the production of door panel leatherette, instrument panels and other surfaces for car interior. To receive a constant product quality, it is necessary to have a regular cleaning. In the mould cleaning of small and huge areas – no matter whether 2D or 3D geometries – the laser „finds“ and removes the parts residue-free, which don’t belong to the tool or mould. In addition to that the laser is able to work quickly and completely.

The mould cleaning can also be used in hot moulds.

Cleaning of moulds or tools for the processing of composite materials

Not only e.g. for vulcanization moulds, as well as for moulds which are used for the treatment of composite materials the pulsed SLCR laser systems can be used to achieve a clean surface. Completely cured composite materials can only be cut with special tools. Diamond-staffed cutters are used for this task. Over the time parts of composite materials are fixed between the diamonds. They have to be removed for a constant cutting quality. With the help of the pulsed SLCR lasers it is possible to clean the tools completely without damaging the diamonds.