Activating / Surface preparation

The requirement:

Clean surfaces as a preparation for bonding, coating or welding.

The objective:

Improvement of adhesion.

The advantages:

  • Achievement of high adhesive forces by removing disturbing contaminations and modification of the surfaces
  • Automation, excellent process control and easy integration into production processes
  • Low operating costs; high environmental compatibility, no auxiliaries

Preparation for paintings on aircraft surfaces made of composites (activation)

Even sensitive materials, for example composite materials, can be treated gently. The laser evaporates the disturbing release agents and removes contaminations.  In this process he can roughen the surface selectively, without damaging the fibres. Thus, an optimal area for further processing is created.

Preparation of welding seams and joints at automobile parts, pipes or other metallic structures

To achieve a decent and stable welding seam, the weld joints must be cleaned. In many cases a removal of oxide layers is required. The SLCR laser is able to achieve this in automated applications that can be directly upstream of the welding process.

Preparation for gluing of automobile windows

Nowadays, automobile windows are glued in most cases. It is important to create a clean and adhesive area. The laser treated surface is perfectly prepared for the ongoing gluing process without any reworks.

Surface preparation of helicopter rotor blades

To receive a quick result and clean surface characteristics for ongoing paintings, the surface of rotor blades will be treated gently by our laser process. The treatment is the first step after the curing process. Subsequently, the coating system is applied.