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The automation of laser applications is one of SLCR's core competences since years. The focus is positioned on the following fields:

  • Generating the ideal treatment strategy
  • Integration of laser treatment in your working process
  • Handling from take over up to the integration of the finished part in your poduction process
  • Robot systems & control
  • Process control
  • Modification of processes

To meet your individual needs we customize respective automation solutions.

Our solutions cover:

  • Integration of working steps in your process chain
  • Improvement of cycle time
  • Part handling
  • Process control 
  • Process visualization
  • Control mode
  • Interface for data communication with your general control


Our approach is: Automation where it makes sence and generate commercial  benefits!

de-coating system with feeding, part control and unfeeding
automated mould cleaning
fully automated treatment of FFC cable