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Do you know how quality-conscious laser technology works?

With its precise energy input and its good automation the laser technology greatly can help to improve the product quality. With it, surfaces of parts, tools or components are treated precisely and gently according to the clients’ demands.

The precise controllability of the laser application is the basis for this. If necessary, the very clean process can by complemented by the integration of an additional process monitoring. Compared to other technologies, such as chemical or mechanical processing, laser technology works material-friendly and damage-free in the application. Everything points to secure or even improve the quality of your products.

With SLCR laser applications you are always one pulse ahead!

Do you know how sustainable laser technology is?

Nowadays, it is not only important to have commercial or technological advantages while manufacturing a product. Increasingly, the benefits are considered in terms of its sustainability. Laser technology presents a lot of agreements with the term sustainability. Valuable resources are treated efficiently and gently so that laser technology is in line with the environment.

The very fact that no chemical or mechanical additives are used, reduce the amount of consumable and thus also significantly of waste and disposal requirements.

The efficiency of the used electrical energy in relation to the achieved laser power and the result are very high regarding the laser treated surfaces.

Thereby, the laser technology causes much less pollution, which proves the sustainability of this future-oriented technology in addition to the very economic, fast and clean method.

With SLCR laser applications you are always one pulse ahead!

Do you know how multisided laser technology is?

It is likely that the majority of people only know laser technology in relation with cutting or welding materials, or in connection with medicine or measurement. SLCR Lasertechnik gives laser technology a completely new meaning. We are specialized in surface treating using laser.

Many materials and surfaces, from plastic or glass to metals and composite materials to wood, stone and even paper can be handled gently, carefully and extensively.

This results in new approaches and manufacturing capabilities.

With SLCR laser applications you are always one pulse ahead!

Do you know how environmentally friendly laser technology is?

Today, the environmental friendliness of technologies is more relevant than ever. Using laser technology, it is possible to reduce or even not to cause environmental indicators, such as CO2 emissions, total energy consumption, air or water pollution.

During the treatment of products, it is possible preventing additional cleaning agents or further chemical lotions. Using laser technology there is only a very small amount of waste. Thus, by working with laser technology, there do not exist / arise any large disposal in contrast to other technologies.

This gives a real sustainability of this application.

With SLCR laser applications you are always one pulse ahead!