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It is difficult to imagine modern production without laser.

Increasing environment awareness, always higher requirements in precision of new working processes and the constant pressure to decrease production costs, are the driving forces to substitute the existing processes (chemical, thermal or mechanical).

The SLCR laser process opens up many different possibilities for activating, preparation, de-painting, de-coating, cleaning, de-greasing, marking, material processing, etc. even on highly sensitive material.

Laser de-painting, selective and complete

In following areas you can find our laser process:

  • Activating / Surface preparation

    Surface preparation like activating or rough-
    ening of composite materials, plastic or me-
    tal, as preparation for ongoing painting, wel-
    ding or gluing processes.

  • De-painting / De-coating

    Removal of organically protections as well as the partial (even in layers) or complete de-painting for ongoing processes like new painting, forming, gluing, soldering or welding.

  • Cleaning / De-greasing

    Wear-free cleaning of moulds and tools like vulcanization moulds, tool moulds and ba-
    king moulds or cleaning of welding seams before paintings.

  • Material processing

    Specific and controlled removal of material for preparation of structural repairs on composite materials; Precise roughening and structuring of metals and plastics.

  • Marking

    Touch-less, permanent marking of glasses, e.g. applying of calibration marks or com-
    pany logos.

  • Technology

    Short, repetitive laser pulses effect a gentle removal of organically material layer-by-layer like paint, grease, drawing oils, etc.