Applications by SLCR Lasertechnik

It is difficult to imagine modern production without laser.

Growing environment awareness, increasing requirements in precision of new working processes and the constant pressure to decrease production costs, are the driving forces to substitute the existing processes (chemical, thermal or mechanical).

The SLCR laser process opens up many different possibilities for activation, preparation, de-painting, de-coating, cleaning, de-greasing, marking, material processing, etc. even on highly sensitive material.

Our Applications

Cleaning / De-greasing

Activating / Surface preparation

De-painting / De-coating

About SLCR Lasertechnik

The activities of SLCR Lasertechnik began long before its actual establishment. Already in the beginning of the eighties, the company Urenco, based in J├╝lich, started its development of pulsed TEA-CO2 lasers. After more than ten years of development, Urenco started the cooperation with the surface specialist Schlick in Greven. From the middle of the 90s, both companies pursued in a corporate development a new challenging aim: using laser also for the precise treatment of large areas.